Private philanthropic travel

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Philanthropic Activities Support:

Local schools and children's centers


Women's centers


Traditional arts

Homes for the elderly

Local NGOs


Environmental and wildlife conservation

Vocational training

Community centers



Many of our clients express the desire to give something back to the local communities they visit on their tours. Philanthropic activities, ranging from an hour to several days, can be incorporated into any Artisans of Leisure tour.
These are opportunities for very meaningful human and cultural exchange.

There are many different ways of giving, and we work closely with each traveler and special-interest group to determine the most appropriate activities.

Sample philanthropic activities include:

  • Donating a boat, a cow, or other life-changing items to poor families in remote villages
  • Visiting orphanages and children's centers to interact with disadvantaged children
  • Attending a class at a local school and donating much-needed supplies

We work closely with individuals, organizations and institutions to create extremely specialized and personalized philanthropic experiences.

Please contact us at (800) 214-8144 for more information.